Technical & Marine Consulting Service Solutions For Ship Owners, Equity Funds and other Financial Institutions .

Project Management is the planning, organization, control and coordination of all aspects of a project. ASP Marine and Technical Services (ASPMTS) offers project management for ship construction, ship conversion and also major ship repairs managing each project professionally and exceeding the expectations of ship owners.

ASPMTS takes a very proactive approach to project management. In order to do so, new shipbuilding and ship conversion teams comprise of marine engineers, naval architects, production engineers and electrical engineers, superintendents and senior ship officers with extensive experience on all types of vessels are engaged at reputable shipyards worldwide.

While ASPMTS have a very active in house team, we also have access to a pool of very talented and experienced new ship building and ship conversion professionals from Europe, India and the Far East. We take pride in our project personnel, who are multi-skilled and demonstrate high integrity. Our main focus is always on maintaining high quality standards, high safety standards, whilst endeavoring to meet project schedules and deadlines. At ASPMTS we strive to maintain regular effective communication among all partners consisting of classification societies, flag states, shipyards, vessel design teams, equipment suppliers and owners representatives.

- Shipyard Evaluation and Selection  

  • Shipyard Safety, Security and Emergency Requirements and Procedures
  • Code of Conduct, Drug and Alcohol Polices
  • Yard Responsibilities and Authorisation
  • Contract Documents and Ancillary Requirements
  • Project Lines of Communication
  • Reporting Needs and Procedures including Building Schedules and Progress Monitoring
  • Change Order Processes
  • Storage facilities for parts and major equipment
  • Production Facilities / Infrastructure and Site Inspection Procedures  

- New Ship Building or Ship Conversion Contract Negotiations  

  • Method of Payments
  • Title and Security
  • Plans and Technical Specifications
  • Warranties and limitations of Liability
  • Extras and Change Orders
  • Completions Dates, Insurance and Taxes   

- Major Equipment Selection  

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Maintenance  

- Vessel Plan Review, Plan Approvals, Vessel Modifications or Design Changes 

- New Building or Conversion Site Supervision  

  • Steel Cutting, Steel Fabrication and Hull Block Construction
  • Hull / Tank Surface Preparation, Anti-Corrosive Coating, Final Coating Application
  • Machinery Installation
  • Electrical / Automation Installation
  • Cargo System Installation
  • Outfitting 

- Attendance at Factory Acceptance Tests, NDT Tests, Mooring / Dock Trials and Final Sea Trials

- Scheduled and unscheduled Site Inspections

- Vessel Inspection Summary Reports / Monthly Reports to the Ship Owner

- Vessel Delivery and Acceptance

- Vessel Guarantee Claims Evaluation and Management 

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