Ship Management Service Solutions For Ship Owners


ASP Procurement Services provides full support and service to new buildings. This can be from the supply of all initial stores to the supply of major machinery equipment.  For stores we not only quote from the yard location but within the region to calculate the best price, including shipping, for Owners to receive a greater value for money.   For major machinery we fully assist from door to door with conducting the best evaluation of quotations, the ordering process and subsequent follow up to keep the delivery time on track from maker to the yard for delivery onboard the new build.   Past examples have been the supply and delivery from Germany to Japan of sets of SMAG grabs for a fleet of new builds.  Full planning of the manufacturing, delivery and transport time with the maker and yard was required to ensure the units arrived at the correct time to be installed with no down time or additional cost for storage at the yard. 

With a highly skilled and experienced staff force with an average of over 26 years shipping experience per person including over 10 years on average with ASP Procurement, we provide the vessel with a full supply and quality service and also provide the Owners with an all year round best value procurement package.



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