Ship Management Service Solutions For Ship Owners

ASP Full Technical Management Services include every aspect of operating and managing a vessel safely, efficiently and effectively in accordance with owner’s needs, in line with the ship’s design and the requirements of insurers, flag states, classes, charterer’s, ISM Code and in accordance with the highest industry standards and services. This includes every aspect of monitoring the vessel conditions, the vessel’s performance, vessel operations in regards to safe and efficient cargo handling and cargo conditioning, planned and project maintenance, regular condition assessment, dry docking, deck/engine maintenance, and repair planning and supervision, budget control, certification and vetting and others in order to take care of a vessel throughout her life time. Owners will have access to reports and data of managing their asset as required by their needs and expectations at any time, whereby we emphasis on high quality and transparency. However, Full Technical Management does not include any commercial services and / or any aspect of the commercial ship operations instructions.


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