Prabhat Nigam

Group Training Manager - Mumbai

Captain Nigam has over 37 years experience in the industry both at sea and ashore. During 25 years at sea he was Master on VLCC’s, Product & Chemical tankers and Ro-Ro Car Carriers. During his time ashore from 2006 he has been closely associated with QHSSE, Auditing and Maritime Education & Training.

Prabhat joined ASP in 2012 and is responsible for all training requirements in the ASP Group. He is a Lead Auditor of ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, ISM and ISPS and also the Examiner for Mates & Masters with Directorate General of Shipping and a member of the Board of Technical committee of IRS

Captain Nigam is Extra Master, holds an honors degree in Nautical Science, MBA in Shipping & Logistics Management, Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers, UK and is currently pursuing a PhD in Nautical Studies from IMU.